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June 09, 2023

So, where’s the warm weather? Honestly, we wait and whine and complain about the cold and then the Spring rolls around and it is almost as cold as the Winter. I mean, I had a game the other night that was so cold that one guy showed up in “long Johns.” (Not on my team) Speaking of Softball, we are off to a really bad start. I have not helped things with my playing. Then I try to inspire my teammates with up lifting comments like “you guys really suck” or “next time swing with your eyes open.” But nothing seems to work. I’m not cut out for managing grown men that have been playing way longer than me.

Okay, enough Softball. I’m glad to report the market is doing much better than my team. The indexes seem to be all trending up and Technology still seems to be the biggest gaining sector. We managed to dodge a bullet with the national debt ceiling which did help the market to gain some ground. It’s too bad that our budget must be a political football. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get away from party politics and do what’s right for us common folk? Every time the budget gets mentioned, the market reacts. Most of the time it goes down. I think they call that “Political Risk” in our world.

I think that the market will be bumpy but keep going on a positive track the rest of this year. Because the market is still on the low side, I believe it is still a great time to add to your current investments. I guess that is all the news I have from downtown New Bedford. Lets hope the rest of June warms up and by the time August arrives we are complaining about the heat.