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Valued Client

March 27, 2019

Valued Client



A few nights ago, I was watching this show on T.V. when a commercial came on. The commercial started with this guy trying to reach customer service so that he could get an answer a question regarding his bill. He is put on hold and is told that his call is important to them. Finally, after hours of waiting, the phone is answered by this big bearded Russian guy in the middle of nowhere that starts out by saying “Hello this is Peggy”.  When the customer tries to explain the problem, Peggy hangs up the phone.

I always thought that commercial was so typical of how most businesses run today. I mean, how many birthday cards have you received that said, “Dear Valued Client”? To me, that is such a turn off. I usually just toss those in the round file cabinet.

How about when you call a service center and you get an automated voice giving you 17 choices and when you pick one, you get another 15 choices. By the time you finally get to talk with someone, they tell you that you made the wrong choice and the throw you back into the system. I tell you, it’s a vicious circle!!! OK I am ranting now, but I’m sure that you can empathize.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but it seems that we are getting less personal in life. How often do we write a thank you card or take the time to pick out a birthday card instead of a quick “Happy Birthday” text…