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The Christmas Money Pit

December 21, 2022

It’s the Wednesday before Christmas and I’m sitting at my desk thinking about 2022. For me it has been a year of change. As you all are painfully aware of I changed my Broker Dealer to Grove Point. Even though they did a fantastic job with my transition, it still took five months to get all the accounts moved over from my old Broker Dealer. But now almost all the accounts are moved. Then this fall I had decided to sell my townhouse and by a house. Although the house I purchased is beautiful, it needed quite a bit of work. I ask you who puts red wall to wall carpeting in their bathroom. I mean the toilet is surrounded by this plush carpet. Who would want to walk around in their bare feet in this carpet. Okay, enough said…

On my desk I have a copy of my monthly Morning Star report. I just went through the section on Large Cap Domestic Equity funds. (Usually a staple of a portfolio) There was not one fund listed with a positive return this year. But that was indicative of the market in general. I do think the market will start to recover this fourth quarter and the first quarter of next year as well. When the Fed raises interest rate another .50 percent the market will react negatively. But, it will be a short term reaction. As inflation slows and then decreases, we will see the market start to get more positive and have consistent returns. So it is a good time to add to your accounts while the market is down.

Ursula and I would like to wish all of you a very happy holidays and health and happiness in the coming new year.