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Summer's Over

September 30, 2019



So now Summer is officially over. Not just because of the date, but because “Sabine”, my boat, is coming out of the water for Winter storage. Sabine isn’t the prettiest boat in the marina. She certainly isn’t the biggest or the fastest. She is however very steady and comfortable. She can take a heavy sea and has ridden through a few storms. In the many years that I’ve had her, I could always count on her to get me where I wanted to be. I suppose I could get a much bigger boat that has more bells and whistles and is much faster. But, why. She gets me to where I want to go and protects me through rough weather and unexpected squalls.

I tell you this not to brag about my boat, but to compare my boat to investment strategies. I know what your thinking; How in the holy toothpicks does his boat relate to investing? To me, when I put together a portfolio, I look for steady and consistent growth. I’m not looking for the prettiest or the fastest. I know where I want you to be and how to get you there. It is my hope that you understand as well and don’t abandon ship when the market takes a nosedive.

Investing like the ocean gets rough and sometime downright nasty. But it also gets calm and even helps us along with “following seas”.  It’s my job to find those great places to go and yours to work with me to help chart out the best courses to take. So that one day you will work your courage up and come sailing with Sabine and me.

I truly hope that you all had a great summer.