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Summer Wrap-Up

September 15, 2021

Summer Wrap-Up

I hope that everyone had a great Summer.  I know some of you went camping, others did some overnight sailing trips and a few of you went out west to see some of the national parks. My summer was busy as well. It was a new softball season down on the cape. This year I played for Osterville Garden Center. We finished the regular season 15 – 10, which was good enough to finish second in the league. But when the playoffs hit, we were like steamrollers. We pretty much beat every team including the team that was 22-3. We ended up winning the league championship. It was funny to see, imagine all these 60-year-olds jumping up and down like little kids winning the little league world series. I must admit, I did a little jumping as well.

Now to business. We had a lot of new clients start up with us and most of them were sent by you. Thank you for trusting us, we really do appreciate your referrals. We also had a lot of clients add to their accounts over the summer. I think the timing was good and they have seen growth already. 

We were planning to have the wine tasting the second Friday of October this year, but the new variant has been plaguing the area and has forced us to put the event on hold for another year. Or maybe we can have a Holiday wine tasting party instead. If the variant eases up, Ursula and I will try to put something together.

A few weeks ago, I had a client come into the office for their review. I’ve known them for several years. After the meeting was over, they told me that they did not get the shots. I asked them why and was told that they didn’t trust the research because they felt it was rushed. I was a little taken back. I said even though some of the smartest people from all over the world said it was safe and that you should have them, you still don’t trust them? The simple answer was no. I asked them why they didn’t tell me before they came in or even put the masks on? They apologized and promised to give the shot more thought. The bottom line is, please let us know if you did not get vaccinated before you come in. Also please wear your mask. Also, if your around other people, take care of them and yourself, wear the mask.

One last thing, I will be taking a much-needed vacation from September 18 through October 1st. Ursula will be minding the store while I’m gone. Most of you would probably rather talk to her anyway.