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Summer Closer

Summer Closer

September 19, 2022

Well, the Summer has come to an end and so has my softball season. My team did really well as we won the league championship. I had my best year playing so far. I actually got through the season without pulling anything. It’s funny, when the season starts the guys come on to the field with the enthusiasm of kids. By the time fall rolls around we are walking slowly to the field hoping the heat cream and bandages get us through one more game.  (It sucks getting old) But when I look around at my teammates, I can honestly see in their eyes that there is no place that they would rather be at that moment.

The Summer also brought a market that was struggling to make gains. The inflation rate was still high even though the gas prices started to recede. The only sectors that seemed to get ahead were the energy and natural resources. I’m starting to see tech is slowly making its way back to a respectable return as well. Although we might not finish the year with sharp growth in anything, I believe we will see the market work its way back to where we can see some good returns. Also, those of you that added to your accounts when the market was down, will be rewarded with greater gains when the market does rebound.  

I would like to remind you as well as reinvite you to our thank you wine tasting party. It will be on October the 21st from 5 pm. Until 830 pm. There will be drawings, good food, great people and the Uncivilized Putting Championship of the world. We really hope that you can all make it and maybe bring a friend.

Finally, we lost a great person recently who’s persona and class made her loved through out the world. Queen Elizabeth was a one of a kind. She was the leader of England for longer than most of us were alive. I believe she brought class and kept the long-held traditions of a nation alive. I think she will be missed by not only her country, but by most of the world.

Have a great Fall and I hope to see all of you at the Wine Tasting.