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Springing Back Into Action

April 12, 2024

Wow how time flies! I can’t believe it’s been months since I wrote my last blog. Quite a bit has happened over the last several months and it’s time to catch everyone up.

Our Wine tasting in October was well attended and many bottles were given out for making that “Hallway putt to glory.” The next day I went on one of my “bucket list trips”, Botswana, where I spent 10 days on an equestrian safari.  Yup, I spent 10 days getting within feet of lions and just about any animal on the Delta. It was truly the most amazing experience I have ever been on. I was with other people from all over the world. I have some great stories about my time there, so if you have nothing better to do and want to stop by, I will show you many of the photos and regale you with stories of my exploits.

In November Ursula and I decided to give the office a face lift. We changed the colors and put new floors in. We also moved some of the furniture. We think it came out pretty good. Once things got back to normal, we got tremendously busy through the rest of 2023. Largely because the market continued to grow at a steady rate. A lot of you decided to take advantage of this growth and added to your portfolios.

This first quarter was even stronger than last year. We saw record numbers with the DOW and the S&P 500. Being an election year, I don’t foresee any major drops. In my opinion, we will see moderate growth through 2024. Also, it’s been the general consensus that the Feds will drop interest rates towards the end of the second quarter. Also, I have seen some evidence that the housing market is reducing home values for resale.  A drop in housing costs should push the market to be more active. It is my hope that realtors don’t get greedy again and sell houses for their actual worth, not the overvalued prices that have been on the market the last few years. (One could only hope)

In February I was told that my Broker Dealer was sold to LPL. I know, here we go again. I think what really bothers me is that just a year before they swore to me that they would never sell. The financial world is changing and the little guy is getting swallowed by the big guy. I am now looking for a new place to clear my investments through. Sorry all, we will have to get yet more forms signed.

I know that it is a pain for you but think of how it is for Ursula and me. We have over 400 accounts that we need to bring over. I will lose about 60 days of business while this transition is being done. These things are my worst nightmare. So, please help us as much as possible. Please get the forms back to us as fast as you can.

On a positive note, softball season is right around the corner. This will be my fifth season. I am very excited about things starting up. I miss being abused by the guys and the hot summer nights in left center field robbing someone of a hit. I love the pissed off look they give me as they jog back to the dugout. I don’t know what team I’ll be on until sometime in May as they are having tryouts for prospective players in a couple of weeks.

Well, that’s it for now. I will write again soon and enjoy the Spring.