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September 18, 2019

September Blog



It’s September, the end of the summer. For me the Summer was one of the hardest and worst of my life.  In June I went into the hospital for cancer surgery. I was home in recovery for 25 days sitting around doing nothing. I know what you must be thinking, “With all that time how could he just lay around?” I know before the surgery; I had all my plans worked out. I was going to put a major dent in the book I am working on “The Story of Tattoos”, I was going to catch up on my reading, put 100,000 miles on my turn table spinning jazz. You know where I’m going. The reality of the recovery was that I was to uncomfortable to do anything. So, I just sat around just being cranky with myself.

The last week of June, my mother passed away. She was 94 and passed away with dignity in her own bed. My siblings were all present, but because I couldn’t drive, I wasn’t able to see her that one last time. This saddened me tremendously.

I finally got back to work the first week of July where Ursula was doing an amazing job keeping things going. So the rest of the summer has been catch-up mode. Also, no sports, sailing, or working out. Lets face it, my summer could have been a country tragedy song. I have visions of Garth Brooks singing a song entitled “Jeff the Whining Cowboy”.

But enough of that. The Summer is basically over, and the Fall is here. It’s football season and things are just about back to normal. Turns out I inherited my mothers 2000 Lincoln Town car. (Yes David, another stinkin Lincoln) But it is in good shape and it’s free. How can one complain?

I just wanted to again thank everyone for their support and cards. I really appreciated them as I appreciate you. Speaking of appreciation, our annual wine tasting party is being held on October 18th. I really hope that you can all come. It’s my chance to thank everyone that have given me their trust through the years. If you have been to the event in the past, you know that if you don’t like wine, let us know and we will get whatever you enjoy.