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Sad Times

June 05, 2020

It is now June and we are open for business. We are starting to have clients come back to our office and things are picking up. I hope that everyone is doing okay and are looking at you accounts that have been steadily rising over the past few weeks. (If you are due for your review, please come in. There have been so many changes in the laws and the market.)
Things are looking up with the Covid virus, with 10 inoculations being tested and a few of them looking promising. Also, the unemployment rate has dropped for the last month which has driven the market up. So on the investment front there are some good things happening.
As most of you know, I am not one to talk politics around business. But I would be totally blind and not human not to mention what happened in Minnesota to George Floyd. What happened to that man goes way beyond politics. I saw the video and I have to say that the sight of what was being done sickened me. At the same time, I was filled with outrage that someone could be that cruel to another human being. I grew up in the sixties and seventies and saw some of the results of forced busing and other racial incidents. As Ursula pointed out to me, there is a difference in seeing verses having to go through it. After thinking about it, I would have to agree.
You know, I always thought that differences between Black and White Americans would go away because each generation was getting smart enough to know that we are all just people. But that does not seem to be the case. The tensions and lack of respect seems to have gotten worse. Such as the case of what happened to Mr. Floyd. I put myself in his parent’s shoes. I would wonder how come nobody from the crowd stepped in to help this man. Is being afraid of being arrested worth another human beings’ life? I wonder if he were one of my kids what I would do.
When I was in the service, and got a chance to see how people treated each other around the world, It was my hope that by the time I got old, most of the racism would be gone, at least in our country. I have always tried to hold to that ideal of treating people as you would want to be treated. I cannot control what’s going on, but I can control what my actions are and how I treat another human being.