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Home Alone

April 10, 2020

Well here I am staying at home in my lonely writer’s garret reflecting on what’s going on in the world as I’m sure most of you are doing. I’m asking myself questions like, how did we get here? How will this affect my life going forward? Will my toilet paper supply be enough to last? Is it safe to eat that turkey leg left over from Thanksgiving? You know the same things you are probably thinking about.

Being home gives me a chance to work on a lot of the things that I couldn’t put in as much time as I wanted. Such as, getting back into shape after my surgery last Summer, working on my guitar skills (much to the chagrin of my poor instructor). Also, I’ve been working on my book entitled “Tattoo Stories”. I’m planning this to be a picture book of tattoos and the people and stories that go with them. (So those of you that have them and want to be in the book, let me know. Jon R, you guys will be hearing from me soon.

Now to more important things. I have received some phone calls regarding your investments. I want to reassure everyone that I believe the market will recover and at the time I’m writing this, the market has shown growth for the last four days. Also, I believe this is still a great time to add to your investments. What I am most happy about is that none of you have panicked. Some of you added to your accounts for the possible upside when the market comes back.

I want you to know that I am here for you if you have any questions or just want to talk.

Please be safe and stay at home if possible. I don’t want to lose any of you.