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Happy Holidays!

December 11, 2020

December Blog

What a tough year this has been for us all. I for one am glad it is coming to a close.

The other day I was in a store waiting to check out and in front of me was a mother with her two boys. They were talking about Santa Claus and all the things they wanted for Christmas. (The list was Long)

While they were discussing the virtues of some video game, my mind began to wander to the question of where in the heck Santa originated from? I knew that he was a true Saint. (Saint Nicholas) But I did not know that he was actually born during Roman times to wealthy parents and was actually from a Maritime city of Patara, in Asia Minor. He is the patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, prostitutes, pawnbrokers, unmarried people, and students.

One legend states that he was temporarily defrocked for slapping the heretic Arius during a council meeting. Another says that he saved three sisters from a life of prostitution by dropping three bags of gold over three nights through a window to pay for the dowry of three sisters who would have gone into prostitution. Our Saint Nick also was the Bishop of Myra. He wore red frock which was common for clergy in those days.

There are many stories that talk about his origin, but not many can be substantiated. Suffice to say that he was a good man and a great foundation to build on the legend of Santa Claus.

Today of course and I guess when I was a kid, the holiday has turned into a gift giving war. We feel that we must go out and get as much as we can for our loved ones no matter the cost. Then spend the rest of the years paying off the credit cards so that we can do it again the following year. (It is a vicious circle) It’s actually scary the amount of money that we actually spend on things that we don’t really need. (The Financial Planner in me)

I have a suggestion. How about we take 10 percent of what we were going to spend on gifts and donate it to our local food banks or homeless shelters and take time to give thanks for the things that we take for granted daily like our families, our friends, and our health.

Ursula and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Holiday season and hope that you all stay healthy in 2021.