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Fall: A Time of Change

November 02, 2022

Today is November 2nd and we are well into the Fall. As some of you already know, I have sold my town house in Fairhaven and purchased a home in Mattapoisett. I know what your thinking, why would he do something like that? So, I’m going to explain to you why I am not a good fit in a town house association. 1) Because I was paying HOV fees, all the yard work was being done for me thus I was sitting around on my free time getting fat and lazy. 2) I found that being the one-time president of the association made me extremely unpopular with my neighbors. In that small community, it made home life very stressful. 3) Also, those people had no appreciation for great music. I can’t understand why they would say nasty things to me after I serenaded them until two in the morning with my electric guitar. So, what I learned was townhouse living was not in my DNA. So, lesson learned.

The feds have raised interest rates up another .75 basis points to attempt to stem the rising inflation rate. Time will tell if this latest rate hike slows things down. As we approach the colder weather, energy prices are about to go through the roof. The higher cost of fuel will reduce discretionary buying.  Also, we are in the fourth quarter and a few things I said earlier this year could come to fruition. Because we are getting ready to vote in the mid term elections, I believe we will see the market will start to move into a more positive direction. You know the old adage, “People vote with their wallets.”  I think that’s why we have seen the market trending upward. This swing will be slow, but we will finish 2022 in much better shape than we started the year at.

I know a lot of you were worried this year about your accounts. But to your credit, you did not panic and pull. I believe that your patients with the market will pay off going into 2023. In the past when the market has fallen, it has back stronger than it was before it fell. So, hang in there and you know that I am here if you have any concerns.

Finally, we had our annual wine tasting get together October 21st. The turn out wasn’t bad considering we had a two-year hiatus because of Covert. Congratulations to everyone that won prizes and especially to Bob Gardener who sunk 2 consecutive putts and almost a third in the Uncivilized World Putting Contest. His name will live in infamy as greatest putter to date to participate in such an esteem contest.

As always please don’t forget our reviews. Have a great Fall.