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Dog Days of Summer

August 25, 2020

August Blog 


We are officially in the dog days of Summer. If you have been following the market, you saw significant recovery growth. Those of you that invested when the market went way down are now seeing tremendous returns in your accounts. (Good Job) My outlook for this year really has not changed. Despite everything that is happened, I remain optimistic. Largely because we are heading into the election season and a lot of people vote with their wallets. I think when they get approval on the Covert drug, it will affect the market tremendously.  

That said, does not seem that the month is just flying by? Despite the warnings, people are still going to the beach. I will say that the Fairhaven beaches are not as crowded, and people are staying a safe distance. I have these visions of people swimming with their masks on. You know those paper ones. The kind that fall apart when they get wet. So, when you get out of the water some of the mask is hanging off your ears and then there the long piece that gets stuck on your nose. (You know what that looks like from a distance) That is almost as bad as when you leave the bathroom with a piece of toilet paper sticking from the back of your shoe…. 

With that positive thought, I’ll leave this blog by just asking you all to be careful out there and as much as wearing a mask is getting old, please wear it. It just might save your life. Have a great rest of the summer!!