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April 05, 2019



Over the last few years there have been many commercials about retirement planning. You know the ones that I mean. There is the green road that you follow. At the end of the road you live happily ever after. (Kind of like the Yellow Brick road that Dorothy followed so many years ago) I wonder if you follow the green road will you run into a tin man or the wizard? Or, if you stray, do you fall into a swamp instead of poppies?

Then there is the paper squirrel that is stashing acorns for the future. It shows this lady talking to the orange squirrel about money. I can’t help but think weather this is just an acid flashback she is going through or did I miss something in biology class. I mean really, who talks to paper squirrels about anything never mind retirement.

The most recent one I’ve seen is this guy in his 40’s sporting a beard and glasses to make him “Sage Like”. You know the ones; He is having a heart to heart with someone and either playing darts or shooting hoops. But he isn’t very good at either. Then it turns out that he is not a Financial Planner either because he refers these people to other people who might have the answer. So then I find myself asking, “Who is this guy and why are people spilling their guts to him???” I would think that the average person might get more InSite from a zombie on the Walking Dead.

So by now you must be wondering what this all means. Well here is my “Sage” advice. Stay off green roads. Don’t talk with orange squirrels and don’t let that bearded guy in your house unless you can find out what exactly he does. Also, stop watching so much T.V.