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Being Upfront

July 31, 2020

Well, here we are in the middle of July. The virus seems to be making a comeback in a lot of states. I would not be surprised if we all get closed again for a few months. If this happens, I will still be accessible. There will be a few things that I cannot do from my home, but where I have a small office, I can run in and take care of your needs. Also, I am going to try to use SKYPE or a similar program so that we can discuss your money “face to face”. We are in a year of changes and it is important that you understand what is going on and how it relates to you. Please be proactive with me and call me with any concerns.

Speaking of changes, you may have noticed that my broker dealer is being absorbed into Securities America. This change will not change anything or effect anything that you have invested with me. So, no worries…. It seems in the last 10 years that the smaller broker dealers are being bought out or absorbed by larger broker dealers. I guess that is good if you are a broker dealer and you want to grow or be considered one of the “Big Guys”. But I believe bigger in financial services is not necessarily better. If I did, Buzzards Bay Financial Planning would have a lot more employees and money under management. The problem that I have found through the years is the “Big Guys” really do not care about the little guys. We become more of a number and the support system that we count on is not what we would like. It is why I have always gone with smaller Broker Dealers throughout my career.

I am not sure about my new broker dealer and how good they will be to deal with. But rest assured, if I feel that we are not getting the support that we need, I will find one that better supports who we are and what we do. Either way, my decisions will not affect your investments in any way. I am independent specifically so that you always come first. As I have said many times, I work for you and not anyone else.

If you have any questions regarding the broker dealer change, please let me know.

I hope that you are all having a great summer and are staying safe.