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Be Kind

December 11, 2019

Dec Blog



Well, its December and the year is just blasting by. To say that It’s been an eventful year for the country is an understatement. Its’ been a soap opera. But I’m not going to talk politics here. I believe everyone has the right to vote for whom they want with no judgement.

 I was at Stop and Shop doing my grocery shopping last weekend. As, I was leaving I saw this old guy slowly pushing a shopping cart and dragging his left leg as he gimped toward the exit door. He was dressed in raggedly clothes and had that old aroma of sweat. His matted beard was long and full of snarls. He was at the automatic door struggling to move the carriage out of the store. When I looked up, he started to look my way to ask for my help. But just as he was about to say something a young lady approached him and offered.

She was about 25 and was on her way into the store to get her shopping done. The next thing I saw was her holding that man’s arm and helping him to push the cart. His face told the whole story. It seemed as if it looked 10 years younger and he was smiling as he regaled this woman with his story. This woman didn’t see the dirty clothes or the ratty beard or even seemed to notice the smell. She just saw an old man that needed some help and a friendly ear. I’m not sure how long they talked but they were still talking when I was driving out.

I was disappointed in myself as I thought about the entire affair. Even though I was dreading having to help this guy I would have. I was relieved when another person stepped up for this guy. I wondered how I got this way. I hope that I’m a much better person than I was that morning. I know that woman was.

It’s nice to see that even in a world that there are shootings and a government that is in a constant battle, that there are people like that women that still have that kind of kindness. We sure could use more of it.